Welcome to Rixile…..
Rixile (Pronounced: Ri-She-Le)

We are the events,wedding and portraits photographers based in Centurion,Pretoria, South Africa. Rixile photos form part of Rixile graphics and printing studio. Every pictures that we capture it becomes an ever lasting memory. On this blog you will find our portfolio and you will also find updates of our latest projects. We are also going to share the photography tips,inspirational works and lastest photography gear. Rixile photos consist of two members : Vusi Khosa – Lead photographer and founder and one other assistant photographer.


Vusi Khosa  a.k.a Reverent V (picture above) is the founder and lead photographer for Rixile Photos. I’m a self-taught photographer and an artist / creative designer. The First time i used a DSLR camera was 2004 while i was at the university of Johannesburg and that’s where the love for photography started. I grew my skill through advices from other proffessional photographers and spending lots of time on the internet, reading and following photography blogs and watching lots of youtube videos. In order to sharpen my skill i made sure that i get to know my camera very well and clicking it as many times as possible capturing the beauty of the nature/people.

Now that you know us,please honour us by checking our work/portfolio and if you need any photography job to be done, do not hesitate to contact us.

Email 1: khosav@telkomsa.net
Email 2: vusikhosa@yahoo.com