Alexander YST (Youth stand together) dance show.

When my Uncle Jack invited me to come an watch his dance show that was hosted in Alexander Township i was so excited because i have watched his show before and i knew the stage will be on fire. My uncle has been doing this since ever i could remember and he love it so much that he cannot secrefies it for anything. 🙂 (there is lot i can write about my uncle,Alexander and dance, but this blog is not about that. Maybe i should consider it, keep you eyes on the blog).
Another reason i was so excited it was because i will be taking pictures even though i knew there will be lot of challenges because the show it was in the evening and the lighting wouldn’t be great to take pictures. I didn’t allow my worries to stop me from taking the pictures or looking forward to that day.  The show went well and it was great to see the people of Alexander and outside came to support him. Thank you Uncle Jack, you are a great man.

Here are the pictures i took…
Until next time, God Blessed you (Psalm 37: 3)

Vusi “Reverent V” Khosa


Vusi_Khosa_1 Vusi_Khosa_2 Vusi_Khosa_3 Vusi_Khosa_4 Vusi_Khosa_5 Vusi_Khosa_6 Vusi_Khosa_7 Vusi_Khosa_8 Vusi_Khosa_9 Vusi_Khosa_10 Vusi_Khosa_11 Vusi_Khosa_12 Vusi_Khosa_13 Vusi_Khosa_14 Vusi_Khosa_15 Vusi_Khosa_16 Vusi_Khosa_17 Vusi_Khosa_18 Vusi_Khosa_19 Vusi_Khosa_20 Vusi_Khosa_21 Vusi_Khosa_22 Vusi_Khosa_23 Vusi_Khosa_24 Vusi_Khosa_25 Vusi_Khosa_26 Vusi_Khosa_27 Vusi_Khosa_28 Vusi_Khosa_30 Vusi_Khosa_31 Vusi_Khosa_32 Vusi_Khosa_33 Vusi_Khosa_34 Vusi_Khosa_35 Vusi_Khosa_36 Vusi_Khosa_37 Vusi_Khosa_38 Vusi_khosa_39 Vusi_Khosa_40 Vusi_Khosa_41 Vusi_Khosa_42 Vusi_Khosa_43 Vusi_Khosa_44 Vusi_Khosa_45 Vusi_Khosa_46 Vusi_Khosa_47


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