Weekend Gautrain Ride

Be warned, today’s post is little bit long… 🙂

The past weekend {28.01.2012} my wife and I decided to take a ride on a Gautrain going to Rosebank as we have never been on a Gautrain since the Centurion/Pretoria route was opened. I was excited that i will be on a Gautrain for the first time, and also that we won’t have to worry about getting a parking space at Rosebank as most of you knows that it is a hustle to get a parking space at Rosebank. Another reason, I will also have an opportunity to take some pictures at the station or of a Gautrain.

The day came, camera ready armed with a canon 50mm 1.8 II lens (I have not reviewed this lens as I’m still testing/trying it in every possible and impossible way, as soon as I’m satisfied I will post the review). We drove to the station I jumped out of the car so excited, I couldn’t wait to hear the sound of the shutter release going click, click, click and click. Until the security at the station burst my bubble said that we are not allowed to take pictures at the station. 😦

Anyway that didn’t kill our spirit because our main reason was to take a ride on a Gautrain, not only to take the pictures. I enjoyed the ride to Rosebank, we got there had a window shopping (you know how women likes window shopping). The window shopping turned to shopping because my wife saw these lovely shoes and I was convinced that those are the best shoes and comfortable (yes shoes!!….shoes are one thing you cannot separate women from). Then it was time for lunch, we discover these restaurant Karoo Cattle and land what a lovely place to chill and have your lunch. The food is lovely (I had pap and wors and my wife had ribs), the interior setting is superb, and they also have the outside seating.

The one thing we both loved most about this place is the music; they even have the guy playing a saxophone. They were playing the Café Del Mar type of music, for those who didn’t know I love deep, soulful house music. I give this place the rating of 8 out of 10 for their Food, Music, staff, they just need to sort out the flies that kept on irritating me 😦 . I will recommend you guys to go to Karoo cattle and land to have your lunch next time when you are in Rosebank ( I only said lunch as I have not try their breakfast or starter, if you have tried the breakfast and starter let me know how was your experience).
Website: Karoo cattle and landAs South African as it gets

Here are the few photos I took that day.

Until next time, Peace and thanks for the support

Vusi Reverent V

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……And one of Adele’s song started playing

…..the lover’s lane


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