The guitar

My Guitar

Welcome to the year 2012 and I wish everyone the best of this year. Be yourself and follow your heart.
The title of today’s blog is My Guitar….i just want to set the record straight before you think this another new year’s resolution: I didn’t buy myself a new guitar or I’m learning how to play a guitar and I’m not planning to learn how to play it, I will leave that to you guys. I named this blog My guitar because every photographer have the images of a guitar and a guitar is a great subject to practise your photography skill.

My advice for the beginners is that get yourself a guitar or go to a friend who owns a guitar and start practising shooting.

A guitar assists you in achieving the following : 

  • Unusual point of view
  • Depth of field
  • Detail/Macro photography
  • You can able to practice your manual focus.

I know it is not like there is a shortage of these images, I just wanted to share with you my images.

Here are my pictures of a guitar.
Until next time, Peace and thanks for the support

Vusi Reverent V 

The Guitar
The Guitar
The Guitar
The guitar
The guitar


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